Natural Capital

Natural capital is the world's stock of natural resources which creates a long term supply of goods or services.

It is an extension of the economic notion of capital to goods and services provided by the natural environment. People depend utterly on nature to sustain and fulfill human life, yet the values of nature are typically ignored in decisions.

If properly managed, Earth's lands, waters and their biodiversity yield a flow of "ecosystem services," including: the production of goods such as food and biofuels, life-support processes such as water purification and carbon sequestration.


Value Chain Sustainability

Responsible Sourcing Strategies

We support on development and implementation of sourcing strategies, in line with the highest levels of sustainability standards.

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Green Finance and Market Connection

We connect responsible production with local and international demand side partners, supporting operational structuring and seeking green funding sources for sustainable practices.

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Sustainable Trade

We work in the structuring and implementation of socio-environmental management and governance with the objective of supporting companies in accessing green financing, connecting good practices with the best options for responsible financing.

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Who we are

NatCap provides solutions, focused on sustainability, for our client´s different needs, meeting today´s growing social, environmental and economic demands.

We operate in a collaborative way with our partners, delivering solutions that create value for companies, people and the environment.

We work aiming for Natural Capital to be recognized and valued, integrated with our society, enabling business perennial and taking care of people and the planet.


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